About Us

Founder’s Story

During my trip to Japan in 2014, I could not help but notice how my hair was much silkier upon blow drying. It seemed a mystery, as I was using the exact same shampoo/ conditioner as I had back in Singapore. Initially I suspected the hair dryer, but over the course of one week came to realise that somehow, it was the water I was bathing in that made the difference. Not only was my regular shampoo lathering much better, my hair was also virtually tangle-free while in the shower. In addition, my usually dry, tight skin felt happy even after showering and I noticed my complexion improve! My suspicion was confirmed upon returning to Singapore- I took my first shower and immediately noticed how different my skin and hair felt.

It was extremely upsetting for me, and after some research decided to purchase a shower filter. I was hopeful but had my doubts… would it really work? It did! With my new discovery, I was inspired to make a better model of a shower filter, one that would undoubtedly be better than any other shower filter I will ever try. Thus, began my journey and the birth of PureBlue.


Satisfaction Guaranteed.

A home chlorine test kit is included free with every filter purchased. (You can easily monitor chlorine levels as and when you need!)


How do I maintain my Beauté shower filter?

Once a month, simply detach the filter, open the casing and flush with water for 10-20 seconds. This simple irrigation cleans your filter from impurity build-up.

We recommend a Beauté shower refill every 6 – 9 months, based on water consumption and pre-existing water quality.